Friday, April 8, 2011

Gone Fishing.....

Gone crazy...wait a minute...I mean gone fishin....

So when my friend asked me to make cookies for her father's birthday/retirement dinner...I said of course!!!.  We decided on the fishing theme...and left it at that.  But really...I should not have "left it",   I should have PLANNED for it!!! 

I took it for granted that this would be no problem....easy peasey lemon my son says!  NOPE...that was just not the case!

My Kopykake was giving me grief....I seemed unable to pipe a staight fish lookd more like a frog and then there was an incident with black color hands are still a purple-ish hue!

Fortunately after MANY trial and errors and a big, huge mess (OH.. and a couple of temper tantrums) I think I worked it out!

Thanks to ToniAnn for the order...and hope your Dad enjoys his special day!!!


  1. This is just so great!! You did a super job! What a great cookie bouquet!!

  2. Thanks Kara!!! That means a lot!!!!